Fully Elasticated Fitted Sheets

Ordinary cotton or poly cotton sheets have no stretch so they will become baggy when the head and foot ends of the adjustable bed are raised. Sheets with no stretch will come un-tucked and wrapped around you by the morning. From our experience most

customers are skeptical and are surprised by the price, deciding to buy just one to try it out. Shortly after they will purchase more and say what good value the sheets are. For a short while we did stop selling the sheets due to the rising price to us but so many of our

existing customers moaned that there simply was no suitable alternative so we decided to continue supplying them.

  • German made, high quality 97% cotton and 3% elastan.
  • Excellent comfort, soft feel and hard wearing.
  • Easy care: washable at 60 degrees and tumble dryer.
  • Fully elasticated deep skirt.
  • The material itself has a surprising amount of stretch due to the knit and elastan content.
  • Sheets stay nice and snug on the bed even when the head and foot ends are raised.
  • The stretch means that for length one size fits all between 6’3” to 7’ 


2’6” (76cm)

3’ (91cm)

3’6” (107cm)

4’ (122cm)

4’6” (137cm) 

5’ (157cm)

6’ (183cm)









To find out more information please watch our video.