Luxury Zip Cover

Luxury Zip off washable top cover

• Awarded the prestigious highest level European Eco certificate.

• The thick quilted cover creates an air gap for ventilation to reduce the likelihood of sweating.

• Cover completely un-zips around the top edge making  it  considerably easier than standard covers.

• Suitable for all of our adjustable bed mattresses.

• Machine washable. Do not tumble dry. For this reason it is worth having a spare.

• Spare covers are very handy for one on the bed and one in the wash.

The price of the upgraded cover includes the side and bottom casing and is already reduced as a price difference deducting the cost of our standard cover. 

The price below is for the one upgraded casing and cover and then for each additional spare cover. 

For an individual 3’ Bed £ 50 to upgrade the casing and cover, then an additional £ 50 for a spare cover. Total £ 100

For Twin 3’ beds £ 100 to upgrade both casings and covers, then an additional £ 50 for a spare cover. Total £ 150

Mattress Width

2’6” (76cm)

3’ (91cm)

3’6” (107cm)

4’ (122cm)

4’6” (137cm)

5’ (157cm)

6’ (183cm)

Price Excluding VAT









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