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Individual Adjustable Bed


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Twin Adjustable Bed

What our customers say

Adjustable Bed Sizes

Individual Adjustable Beds
Single Electric Bed 3'1" (94cm)
Large Single Electric Bed 3'5" (104cm)
Small Double Electric Bed 4' (124cm)
  • 3ft Adjustable Bed (91cm) The most popular width as an individual 'Single adjustable bed'. The actual width is 3'1" (94cm)
  • 3ft 6in Adjustable Bed (107cm) a nice size 'large single adjustable bed' If you feel that a 3' single is not quite big enough having become used to a bigger bed. The actual width is 3'5" (104cm)
  • 4ft Adjustable Bed (122cm) The widest individual 'small double adjustable bed'. The actual width is 4'1" (124cm)
Twin Adjustable Beds
Double Electric Bed 4'8" (142cm)
King Electric Bed 5'2" (158cm)
Super King Electric Bed 6'2" (188cm)
  • 4ft 6in Adjustable Bed (137cm) 'Double adjustable bed'. The electric double bed is relatively narrow. Choose the biggest bed that will fit the room practically. The actual width is 4'8" (142cm)
  • 5ft Electric King size Bed (152cm) 'King size adjustable bed' Our most popular size twin beds. The actual width is 5'2" (157cm)
  • 6ft Super king electric bed (183cm) 'Super king adjustable bed'. Two 3' (91cm) mattresses side by side. The Perfect width if you have the space in your room. The actual width is 6'2" (188cm)
How wide is an adjustable bed?

Variation between the nominal and actual width is because our slatted bed mechanisms are made in Germany to metric equivalents.

How long is an adjustable bed?

The length of an adjustable bed mattress is generally 6'6" (2m) long, even as a single bed whereas conventional beds would only be 6'3" (190cm). The simple reason for this is that raising the head end and foot ends will have the effect of shortening the mattress. Please take into account that we make the adjustable bed base an additional 2” (5cm) for the headboard to sit on the back panel. You should also allow approximately 1” (2.5cm) more for the headboard struts and bolts. If you are restricted on space, we can make a 6ft 3in short adjustable bed. Please note that there will be a small premium to pay as it breaks our normal production.

How high is an adjustable bed?

"What is the height of an adjustable bed?" We manufacture our range from single electric adjustable beds to 6ft electric beds (our Super King electric bed) to a height of 22” (56cm) from the floor to the top of the mattress. This is an ideal height for most people however, not everyone is the same. For this reason, we offer to make our beds 2” (5cm) higher or lower at no extra cost.

Build Your Own Adjustable Bed

Individual Adjustable Bed Twin Adjustable Bed

Build Your Own Adjustable Bed

Individual Adjustable Bed Twin Adjustable Bed

Frequently Asked Questions

Adjustable Bed Prices

If you are wondering how Back Care Beds manages to have the best adjustable bed prices, it’s simple. We do not employ pressure sales reps in expensive cars to come round your house. This increases overhead and upsets customers. Our retail shop is in Southsea, Portsmouth, and our manufacturing is in Chichester, West Sussex. We have been selling our adjustable beds direct to the public since 1989, allowing us to keep our adjustable bed prices to a minimum. We don’t sell cheap adjustable beds, but very high quality electrically operated beds with no expense spared on materials or quality at the lowest possible prices. BackCareBeds is a division of High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd

Do I have to pay VAT?
Adjustable beds and major components are zero rated for VAT, this means that if the person the bed is intended for suffers from a chronic illness, they will not be charged VAT at the point of placing their order. For a list of qualifying conditions please see our VAT Exemption page.
How to complete my VAT Exemption?
Once you have placed your order for an adjustable bed or major component such as an adjustable bed motor, you will receive a VAT Exemption email. By clicking on the link in the email you will be taken to the VAT Exemption form to be filled out online. This will be sent back to us electronically upon completion.
Adjustable Beds Ireland VAT
When you order and pay for your adjustable bed, it will EXCLUDE the VAT because it is an export. You will be charged the VAT by Irish customs before your adjustable bed is delivered to you. If you suffer from a qualifying medical condition, you can claim back your VAT. Visit
How does delivery work?
After an order is placed you will receive an estimated delivery date range on your receipt. At the beginning of the delivery week the delivery company will contact you with a delivery date and a 3-hour time slot. Your adjustable bed will be delivered into the room of your choice.
How long does delivery take?
Our average lead time from order to delivery is 2-3 weeks, this may be subject to change due to busy production times and holiday closures. In exceptional circumstances, we can complete an order quicker, but this would need to be discussed before placing an order to avoid disappointment. All our adjustable beds are hand made to order in our workshops near Chichester, West Sussex.
What to do if my delivery is late?
If your delivery has not arrived on time, you must contact the delivery company to get an updated delivery time. If you have still not had a delivery after 24H you should contact a member of our customer service team directly.
Will it fit?
Our adjustable beds are designed to be assembled on site, meaning accessibility shouldn’t be a problem. You will be able to get each component up the stairs and through narrow doorways until it reaches its destination. If you feel your access may still be too narrow, please make us aware upon ordering.
Am I able to track a pallet delivery?
No, all pallet services are unable to be tracked and are a curb side delivery only.
How does delivery work?
This service is mostly only used for deliveries to Ireland, Isle of Man, and Scottish islands. This is not advisable for inner city locations due to heavy transport goods lorries and is a curb side delivery only, where this could cause an obstruction to other street users. you would need to dispose of the left pallet yourself. When using an outsourced courier, we cannot guarantee goods will arrive on a pre-arrange date. We cannot issue any compensation for late deliveries, so we kindly ask you not to arrange for your existing bed to be removed before the delivery is confirmed by the delivery company.
How difficult is installation?
Our adjustable beds are designed for easy self-assembly; we also have easy to follow installation guides to guide you through the installation process.
What tools do I need for installation?
The only tool needed for installation are a battery screwdriver (Hand screwdriver will do).
Can I get installation in my area?
We offer installation to most parts of mainland UK with the exception of some areas. See our Delivery and installations page for more detail.
Will installation delay my order?
By opting for installation your order lead time may be increased to 3-4 Weeks. This may be subject to change due to busy production times and holiday closures.
Do I need Heavy Duty Mechanisms?
If you are 18st (114KG) you would need to upgrade to the 'Heavy-Duty Mechanism and Motor' as the mechanism is reinforced and comes with thicker slats. This adjustable bed mechanism can take up to 25st (159KG)
Do I need to Upgrade to a firm mattress?
If you are 15st (95KG) or over we would strongly recommend upgrading your adjustable bed mattress to a firm option. This will not only improve support but will also increase the longevity of the mattress. This is an individual choice.
Is my bed compatible with an under bed hoist?
We are able to amend our design to become compatible and give clearance however there is an additional £50 charge per bed. If you wish to add this option, you must make us aware upon ordering your bed. This option is not available with 'Profile and lifting' (Height adjustable beds).
Can I use my existing grab handle (bed lever) with an adjustable bed?
Not all 'Grab handles’ (bed levers) will be compatible with adjustable beds, for example, wide-based bed levers that are the most common style supplied by occupational therapists will not be compatible, we do offer bed levers for adjustable beds that can be added to your order or can be purchased at a later date.
Can I add cot sides to my adjustable bed?
We do not offer ‘Cot Sides’ as an option but we do however offer the option of Transfer Edges to the adjustable bed mattress which reduce the risk of falls. This option is only available when ordering a mattress and cannot be added at a later date.
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