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Choosing the Width of Your Adjustable Bed or Beds

Unlike most retailers using imported components from the Far East, Back Care Beds manufacture their adjustable beds to English dimensions.

The length of an adjustable bed is generally 6’6” (198cm) long, even as a single bed where as conventional beds would only be 6’3” (190cm). The simple reason for this is that raising the head end and foot ends will have the effect of shortening the mattress.

If you are particularly tall and need a longer bed we make up to a 7’ adjustable bed. If you are restricted on space we can make 6’3” adjustable beds. Please note that there will be a small premium to pay as it breaks our normal production.

Twin adjustable beds of 2’3” can be used for a couple but as previously mentioned these are quite narrow mattresses for each of you.

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