Adjustable Bed Mechanisms

Detailed information and prices are available for each of the 4 adjustable bed mechanisms by opening the respective PDF’s

Any of the mechanism and motors are available to purchase separately however you will need to contact us to discuss.

These pages should also help guide you when choosing your adjustable bed options. To find out more information please watch our video below.

Standard Five-Part Aadjustable Bed Mechanism
Standard Five-Part Adjustable Bed Mechanism: Users up to 18st (115kg). For the majority of people this will provide the perfect solution for your needs. Rated for  Click to view our printable version.
Heavy Duty Five-Part Adjustable Bed Mechanism
Heavy Duty Five-Part Adjustable Bed Mechanism: Users up to 25st (160kg). All the same functionality of our standard five part mechanism but stronger with an upgraded motor and thicker slats.  Click to view our printable version.
Height Adjustable Profiling & Lifting Mechanism
Height Adjustable Profiling & Lifting Mechanism: Recent legislation means that if someone is being cared for by a professional health care worker then the adjustable bed must also be height adjustable. Click to view our printable version.

For more information about our mechanisms or adjustable beds in general please view the information on our blog or feel free to contact us.