Mattress Side Retainer - Set of Four

Mattress Side Retainer - Set of Four
Mattress Side Retainer - Set of Four

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Mattress Side Retaining Clips

Unlike an ordinary divan style bed, with no one on the bed adjusting the head and foot ends will mean there is only two small areas of contact between the mattress and the slatted base. This means that the slightest pressure or nudge when getting into bed will cause the mattress to slide. Although the mattress retaining clips are a necessity most retailers do not include them in order to keep their costs down.  We included them in both our Majestic and Serena adjustable bed ranges.

Made from tough nylon they are strong enough to hold the mattress in position yet flexible enough not to cause injury if you sit on the mattress above the bars. The bars sit below the level of the top of the mattress. Sheets can easily be fitted around or on the inside of the bars.

The Bars are hooked onto a pair of slats and screwed into the slat through the pre drilled holes.


Upholstered Foot End Mattress Retainers

The option of Upholstered foot end retainers is an upgrade price from the standard metal foot end retainer available when selecting options for your adjustable bed. Upholstered foot end retainers are available separately for £30 each. Please Contact Us


Metal Foot End Mattress Retainers

Our metal foot end mattress retainers are standard with our Majestic adjustable bed range. When the head end of the adjustable bed is raised the mattress will naturally try to slide down the bed. Although they may not be the prettiest accessory the metal foot end mattress retainers are designed to hold the mattress in position. 


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